Vice City Market - As good as it looks

Vice City is a relatively new dark-net market that has been around since July of this year. Since then, the Vice City has drastically increased in popularity and could be considered a relatively trusted marketplace. Considering all the features, design and user interface, Vice City is one of the better markets we've seen launch this year.

Vice City Market - As good as it looks

Design & Interface

Vice City is a good looking marketplace. As the name suggests, the market is themed after Vice City, a popular map from the "Grand Theft Auto" video game series. The market features a modern and good looking user interface. By default the market theme is dark which makes it much easier on the eyes. The interface of the market is very practical. A top bar can be found on containing all the site navigation and account options. On the left side, another bar can be located. This one contains all the filter options including a search query and all the market categories.

Vice City Market Homepage

Features & Security

Vice City is a fully featured marketplace. Every single feature required for the safest and most practical shopping experience is present. Both bitcoin and monero are on the supported cryptocurrency list of the market. A built in wallet can be found on the market but can be bypassed by placing an order directly. Traditional escrow support is present on alongside more advanced multi-signature escrow. For additional security 2FA logins can be enabled and messages sent on the market are encrypted. Both security features use PGP encryption and require a public key.


Vice City is a solid dark-net market. A few tweaks can be made to the design of the site but other than that its a great competitor in the field. This point is signified by its quick growth since its launch in July. Currently the market has over 1,500 listings with numbers growing daily. Once Vice City becomes a more established an trusted marketplace we expect it to grow significantly and compete with other big players in the game.

Details about Vice City Market

Item TypeStatus
NameVice City Market
Started Operating2020 · May · 25
Currencies acceptedBTC, XMR