Kingdom Market - A really solid choice

Kingdom Market is a relatively new dark-net marketplace. After its launch a little over 3 months ago the marketplace has started to gain some popularity. On Kingdom Market you can find all types of products ranging from drugs, to digital goods like hacking tools. The market can be accessed using the traditional onion network or via the newer, more secure I2P network.

Kingdom Market - A really solid choice

Design & Interface

The development team behind this marketplace did a relatively decent job designing it. The market looks modern, is simple to use and the design elements are consistent. The interface consists of a top-bar with all the required navigation options. Bellow that you can find important security information, all the latest market news, and some top listings. On the left-hand side a navigation-bar with all the market categories can be found. An advanced search query is present bellow that. On the bottom of the front-page, there is a list with all the current prices of the cryptos accepted.

Features & Security

Kingdom Marketplace is a typical market and contains all the features required to shop securely. Many cryptocurrencies are accepted including Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin and ZCash. All of them can be deposited into your accounts wallet. Kingdom features traditional PGP support for automatic message encryption. The PGP key can also be used for 2FA login. Early Finalization is also supported for trusted sellers.

Kingdom Market Homepage


Just like most markets, Kingdom is a relatively basic standardized marketplace. All the features needed are present but not much more. This allows the market to be secure without too many excess features that can enable more security flaws. What makes this market difference is the good design and well built interface. This market can be recommended for new users as it is really straight forward to use. Since its launch the market has already attracted some attention and is currently hosting a little over 3,000 products.

Details about Kingdom Market

Item TypeStatus
NameKingdom Market
Started Operating2021 · October · 01
Currencies acceptedBTC, XMR, LTC, ZEC