Gammagoblin - Pushing Taboo

Gammagoblin is a darknet merchant team that earned a reputation for being a reliable vendor on darknet marketplaces stretching back to the Silk Road, Agora, and Black Market Reloaded. In 2016, the project spun off its own single-vendor shop, the “Pushing Taboo” marketplace. Renowned for its quality LSD, the operation also focuses on other psychedelics like Mescaline and MDMA. The team is said to lay its own LSD and shift its blotter designs routinely to maintain discretion.

Gammagoblin - Pushing Taboo

In Q2 2019, Gammagoblin announced a sell-off of its main shop’s supplies ahead of a planned pivot to a private, referral-based email system for sales. However, the main Gammagoblin site has remained maintained since then, having 10 products offerings available as of early 2020. The vendor team, which also runs a shop profile on The Majestic Garden marketplace, formerly shipped internationally but now only ships to buyers in the U.S. and Canada, locations where the project reportedly maintains warehouses.


The user interface of Gammagoblin’s Pushing Taboo shop is user-friendly and full of resources. Buyers will find tabs dedicated to News, Crypto, PGP, and an About Us explainer. Since the site offers only a few psychedelic products, LSD and Phenethylamines are hosted as the main product categories on the left side of the dashboard along with a section dedicated to custom payments and orders.


Like DutchDrugz, Gammagoblin is an automatic Finalize Early (FE) vendor, which means buyers make payments directly and up front to the team. Since the shop doesn’t offer multisig or escrow, a heightened element of trust does factor into the equation.


Gammagoblin makes use of all the basic DNM security measures, but other things working in its favor are the relatively small size of its operations and its ability to be selective and private with its client base as a result of functioning primarily as a single-vendor shop. For these reasons, Gammagoblin has a smaller attack surface than many larger DNMs, which is something to consider.


A quick search online shows that Gammagoblin has its share of loyal customers who gush over the quality of their interactions with the vendor, so it has a respected reputation. The site is also said to ship quickly in North America. Yet nothing is full-proof, so just because Gammagoblin is reputable doesn’t mean it’s untouchable or will have what you’re looking for. Try at your own risk, as will all things.

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