How to Access the Dark Web Safely and Anonymously

So, you are searching out for to secure on the sad web? Don’t wretchedness; we’re no longer judging. There are hundreds perfectly official causes chances are high you’ll well are searching out for to entry all that shady say material.


Joking aside, in case you will set to hang how to entry the sad web in a secure and nameless approach, wait on reading. There are some significant steps chances are high you’ll well also impartial own to steal if you are searching out for to secure on the sad web.

1. Always Exercise a VPN to Access the Darkish Web

We’re no longer going to dwell on what the sad web is or the plot it genuinely works. Suffice to divulge that too many customers think they are well-behaved from the prying eyes of ISPs and governments factual because of of the approach sad rating makes tell of onion routing know-how.

That’s no longer proper. Even in case you make tell of the Tor browser, your traffic can silent be traced lend a hand to you by somebody with enough time and know-how (to illustrate, the FBI!).

And be conscious, the Tor browser fell sufferer to an IP leak in April 2018. Nicknamed “TorMoil,” the flaw allowed a user’s running gadget to join to a a long way off host, bypassing the Tor Browser entirely. MacOS and Linux customers had been most in pain.

Ergo, you might maybe silent additionally tell a VPN when connecting to the sad web. This can encrypt your web traffic, guaranteeing its hidden from snoopers although there’s a an identical repeat of closing year’s complications.

We imply the tell of ExpressVPN or CyberGhost.

2. Download the Tor Browser from the Official Website

TOR browser official download page

Tor would possibly well own had its security complications within the previous, but it no doubt’s silent the safest and most standard technique to secure on the sad web.

As a consequence of its market-main dilemma and the nature of the say material which chances are high you’ll well entry when the tell of it, it goes to silent reach as no shock to be taught that there are a quantity of actors on the market who’re searching out for to spoof the app and create you download a compromised model instead.

As a consequence of this reality, you might maybe silent by no plot download the Tor browser from any provide as hostile to the official web characteristic. You might maybe well secure it at The browser is free to download and tell.

You additionally must silent make certain that you just wait on your sad web browser up-to-date at all times. Failure to achieve so would possibly well hurry away you susceptible to security complications.

Take a look at out our list of concepts for the tell of Tor safely

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in case you’d love more knowledge.

3. Buy Security Precautions

The sad web is a most long-established hangout for hackers, cybercriminals, malware creators, and other unsavory kinds that you just genuinely don’t need wherever finish to your machine.

Sadly, the nature of the sad web plot you’ll potentially stumble upon them at some level. Ideally, chances are high you’ll well also impartial own to create your self as small a goal as doubtless by lowering the replace of attack vectors they’ll tell.

As a consequence of this reality, ahead of you birth the Tor browser, you might maybe silent finish all the other apps to your machine, quit pointless companies from running, and duvet your webcam with a share of paper.

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so that you just know what’s proper and no longer ahead of you discuss over with it.

4. Set up TAILS

The Amnesiac Incognito Dwell Machine (TAILS) is a particular Debian-based mostly mostly model of Linux that leaves no tag of any user project—nor the running gadget itself—to your computer.

The running gadget is free to make tell of and are living boots from a USB stick or DVD.

TAILS can no longer establish cookies or file to your laborious-power with out at as soon as asking it to achieve so. You additionally gained’t plug the probability of browsers dumping “online page out” data onto your disk (most browsers attain so for plug and efficiency.)

Furthermore, TAILS comes with the Tor Browser pre-set aside in; you gained’t own to wretchedness about additional steps if you’re up and running.

All web traffic on a TAILS machine is automatically routed thru Tor. If the running gadget detects any non-nameless connections, this would possibly occasionally well automatically block them.

And yes, TAILS additionally has constructed-in productiveness tools love a notice processor and email client, that plot chances are high you’ll well attain greater than merely browse the web while it is miles running.

You might maybe well download tails from

5. Know Where You’re Going

In the event you entry the sad web, you gained’t own the lush of Google neatly indexing search outcomes so that you just can browse. As a result, it goes to be laborious to secure what you’re shopping for; that you just might maybe with out anxiousness stumble into someplace you genuinely don’t are searching out for to be.

As such, we recommend the tell of 1 of the many directory sites to reach to a resolution upon the pages you are searching out for to talk over with ahead of you even birth Tor.

There are hundreds huge resources on the web that would possibly well wait on to level you within the comely route, no longer least our own e-book to the handiest sad websites you gained’t secure on Google.

The sad web itself additionally has hundreds of sad web characteristic directories. With out a doubt one of many handiest areas to begin for both freshmen and skilled customers is The Hidden Wiki. You might maybe well entry it by pasting the following link into the Tor browser:


That you must silent additionally take a look at out our article on how to secure entertaining onion sites

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—we’ve listed about a of the handiest sad web directories on the market.

6. Exercise Cryptocurrency for All Your Transactions

In inform so that you just can steal something from one of many many sad web marketplaces, beneath no circumstances must silent you make tell of anything else as hostile to cryptocurrency. Certainly, you’ll secure most sellers won’t rep traditional bank card payments.

Obviously, the temptation is to make tell of Bitcoin—it’s the realm’s most commonplace cryptocurrency, and tons of oldsters think it is miles entirely nameless. In practice, that’s no longer proper. Issues such as deal with reuse, connected nodes, tracking cookies, and blockchain analytics imply it’s very doubtless for any individual to link your individual particulars to a transaction.

You might maybe well tell a “Bitcoin mixer” to anonymize your tokens, but they’re costly and require you to dilemma have confidence in an in another case untraceable third-party.

As an replace, you might maybe silent tell a privacy-targeted coin. The two most commonplace are Monero and Zcash. We’ve printed a total e-book to Monero on our sister characteristic, BlocksDecoded.

7. Shut All the pieces

In the event you’ve accomplished searching the sad web, don’t be indolent. Fair you will wish to shut your entire browser windows and other say material that can even very well be connected.

Whenever you happen to’ve faded TAILS, quit the running gadget and reboot lend a hand into your traditional interface. Whenever you happen to’ve faded Home windows or macOS, it’s a factual idea to restart your machine.

Extra Darkish Web Suggestions

Whenever you happen to rigorously note the seven concepts we own now offered, you shall be well on the technique to gaining access to the sad web in a secure, secure, and nameless approach.

Whenever you happen to’d set to be taught more about the sad web, take a look at out our visible e-book to the deep and sad web and in case you’re silent undecided, browse thru these causes that chances are high you’ll well are searching out for to lead clear of the sad web

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