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Due to DDOS attacks, many onion extension companies are in trouble. Although this may seem to be the shortcomings of the firms, it is due to a security vulnerability in which darkweb is connected. Since this security hole has not been used by anyone, there has been no improvement. Again for this reason, the dream market is insufficient in terms of DDOS attacks and because of technical failures, the empire market, which has become the most popular market of darkweb after the closure, falls and is subjected to Ddos attacks.

The empire market, which tries to make its users online with different servers during DDOS attacks, is really good at this. Even if a server is closed, it will continue to serve you from a different server. Instead of waiting to open like previous markets, people continue to log in by simply finding new connections.

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Empire Market Onion

The empire market opened in July 2018 provides users with an easy to use interface just like the dream market. Despite the fact that the dream market closes and promises to be opened after 3 months, it is still not active and this situation leads darknet users to the empire market. You can check the links on this page to learn how to connect to empire market onion.


Empire Market Vendor

Vendor registration fees are 250 usd, but everyone can exhibit their products. PGP are mandatory in Vendor memberships. In Empire market algorithm, the more satisfied you are with your products, the better you will be in terms of ranking. If you have a lot of sales and happy users, this always brings you to the top of the search in the empire market.

To become a vendor, you can check my picture link here.

In addition, if you have a vendor account in companies such as alpabay, dream market, slkroad, your points and stars transfer your membership in the market can contact support department.


Dark Web Market

I will give you information about dark web markets;

All of the dark web markets are encrypted with a special server with an onion extension, and these onion extensions can only be accessed with the tor program. The main currencies of dark web markets are bitcoins. Although there are other crypto currencies, such as: monero, ltc, the most used broadcast is bitcoin. There are many kinds of these markets and almost all of these markets have a secure clearing system called ESCROW. First, your money will be cut and it is dropped into the system, then the seller sends your product and you check it. If the product is correct, you state that ‘the product has reached my side’ and  your Money is transfered to the seller. If the product does not arrive or a faulty product arrives, your money will not be transferred to the sender. In this secure network and advanced layout, buyers and sellers can easily communicate and secure their needs. dark web markets are very diverse. Knowing exactly what you want from the market is really very important. You can browse all the details of the markets on our site to find out which one is the most suitable for you.

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