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Empire Market itself is very easy to navigate. However, don’t jump right into accessing the market quite yet.

In order to keep yourself safe and secure on the dark web, you need to get a VPN, download Tor, set up a PGP key and deposit money into a Bitcoin wallet (if you want to make a purchase on a darknet market).

A guide for each of these steps can be found below. Once you’re done following the instructions in each guide, come back here and proceed to the following steps to join Empire Market.

Empire Market is currently: Up / Online

Drugs Listings: 2081Total Listings: 7954

First, Get a VPN

After choosing the VPN service you want to use, go ahead and install the program and turn it on.

Turning on your VPN should always be the first thing you do before browsing the dark web. ALWAYS keep your VPN running throughout the whole process.

Download Tor

Tor is the only browser that can guarantee you a full access to the sites that are unreachable through the public network. Tor is short for “The Onion Router” which means the program can reach .onion URLs, the official domain for dark web platforms.

Once you have installed Tor (with your VPN turned ON), it should be fairly easy for you to get the hang of using the browser. It functions just like any other browser.

However, we do advise you not to experiment with the settings on the program, especially if you’re new to Tor. It’s best to just keep the browser on its default settings.

Set Up PGP

PGP encryption is a necessary and important part of this whole procedure. Participating in the dark web community is not impossible without PGP, but we highly recommend it because you will always need encryption while using dark web markets.

Getting Bitcoins & Storing Funds with a Bitcoin Wallet

On the dark web, users make purchases only using cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the most common method of payment used on the dark web.

Every darknet market accepts Bitcoins as payment. You will come across many markets that actually support other cryptocurrencies too, but you will never find a marketplace that does not operate with Bitcoins.

This guide will show you how to buy Bitcoins.

After you buy your Bitcoins, you’ll need to store them in a Bitcoin wallet. You will use your wallet’s address every time you transfer funds to the marketplaces you are buying goods from.

We suggest using Electrum Wallet to store your Bitcoins. You can download the wallet here.

After you have set up your wallet, you are officially done with the preliminary steps you need to take in order to use any darknet market.

Continuing to the next chapter of this guide, we will now show you how to access and use Empire.

Accessing Empire Market: Go to the URL

Accessing Empire, as mentioned, is possible only via Tor. Remember to first turn on your VPN and then go ahead and open the Tor bundle you have already downloaded.

On the upper search bar, copy this .onion URL address in order to reach the market: http://empiremktxgjovhm.onion.

Alternate URLs:
















Generally, it takes time to get you to the website. Sometimes it’s just few seconds, but for some markets it can be even longer. Be patient.

If you want to see more URLs you can click here

Tor is doing half of the work for you, bouncing through the network in order to protect your anonymity. The VPN is doing the other half of the work, offering an additional layer of security by masking your IP address.

Right after you hit the ‘Welcome’ page of Empire, you will be required to either register or login to the market.

There is a Reddit Discussions you can take information :

Empire Market total listings – 3000+ (as on 25.04.2018)

Primary URL – empiremktxgjovhm
Subreddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/EmpireDNM/ Universal Official Forum – empforumgfttfqnq
Registration – Open
Security – 2FA with PGP Key.
Currency Support – BTC, LTC, XMR


Upon visiting the market through the above URL, the login page appears.

The registration process is quite simple and straightforward. The basic details, such as username, password and pin, are required. In most cases, the pin is for withdrawing funds from the account.

Remember—do not enter details that are similar to your real name or identity, since this might incriminate you in the event of a law enforcement investigation.

Other details to be entered in the registration process include login phrase, referral link (if you have been invited by another party) and selecting a default currency which can either be Bitcoin or Litecoin.

The second step involves adding information that can be used to contact the account owner. They include contact details on messaging platforms such as ICQ, AOL and Jabber.

If you have a website, you can insert the URL in the relevant box. Just make sure your website and messaging platform usernames cannot be linked to your real identity. Create new accounts with fake usernames if you have to.

The next step is to enter your public PGP key. Then simply enter the CAPTCHA. The essence of this is to confirm that you’re a real human and not a robot.

And now, you may click the ‘Join Empire Market’ icon.


Just like its predecessor, AlphaBay, Empire Market also gives the account holder a mnemonic generated by the site. It is essential to store the mnemonic because in case you need to contact the support team, you may be requested to provide this detail.

Failure to do so could mean that the support team will not be able to assist you.


Now that the whole registration process is complete, simply enter your login details on a page similar to the one above.

Account Security

It’s vital to take additional steps to ensure that your account is secure. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of PGP, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) and a PIN.

To add 2FA, you must first enter the password. Failure to do so will result in an error.

How to Edit Your Profile

Now that you have created an account, you may want to make some changes further in future. If this is the case, the process itself is very simple. Click on your username on the right corner of the homepage and start editing.

When you are done with the changes, click on the ‘Save Changes’ button found at the bottom of the ‘Update Profile’ page.

Users of the marketplace can use the search bar found on the right side upon scrolling down. Searches can be conducted using keywords, type of product, price range, country of origin, destination and vendor level.

Once you enter the specific product or service you are looking for, you are free to look through the page. If you happen to notice a product you like, take our word for this and don’t rush into buying.
There are several fundamental steps before the payment is done, as outlined in the coming steps.

Always Check the Vendor

Checking the credibility of the vendor is essential. The higher the ratings are going for the vendor, the more responsible and trustworthy they are.

Shown in the picture, here is exactly where you will find the vendor’s name. Click on it to open the vendor’s official profile. Here, you will see all the information you need about a particular vendor.

Right below the username of the vendor, you will see their level. Logically, the higher the level, the better the vendor is. On your left side, you will see the vendor’s statistics, containing information for all the sales they have carried out.

On the vendor’s profile, you can find any possible information you may need.

We also suggest checking the vendor’s feedback. Open every option and read the comment carefully. After you are done and you decide to buy products or services from that specific vendor, you can go ahead and make a purchase.

Checking Funds

The balance of the default currency can be seen on the top right corner of the homepage just below the username.

You can also use the ‘Balance icon’ which is found at the top of the page, as shown below.

Deposit & Withdrawal Funds

Depositing funds into the account for purchasing goods and services is a simple task. By going to the balance section and scrolling down, a replica of the page below will appear. The only difference is the cryptocurrency.

An address will be generated for depositing. It is essential to pay attention to this because any money sent to an old address will not reflect on the account since a new address is formed after each deposit.

The other thing to note is that for both Litecoin and Bitcoin, only two confirmations are required for funds to reflect on the account.

After depositing funds, there is a possibility that they might be in excess. If that is the case, it’s advisable to withdraw them from the third-party account to a personal address.

In case the market is seized by law enforcement or is shut down by some other avenue, it is important to take measures to safeguard your crypto funds. This step is also crucial for darknet market sellers because they engage in high trade volumes.

Also, whenever an order has not been processed after a specific timeframe, or in case a dispute is ruled in favor of the buyer, funds are returned to the buyer’s account.

Browsing the Categories

The categories of Empire Market can be found on the left side of the homepage. They are:

  1. Fraud – 13 results
  2. Drugs & Chemicals – 645 results
  3. Guides & Tutorials – 267 results
  4. Counterfeit Items – 46 results
  5. Digital Products – 299 results
  6. Jewels & Gold – 0 results
  7. Weapons – 1 result
  8. Carded items – 1 result
  9. Services – 2 results
  10. Other Listings – 0 results
  11. Software & Malware – 51 results
  12. Security & Hosting – 0 results

You can go through all the categories or you can simply go for a quick search on the search bar.

Clearly, the ‘Drug’ category is the biggest that can be found on this marketplace. The drugs that can be found are also divided in several subcategories.

  1. Benzos – 285 results
  2. Cannabis & Hashish – 81 results
  3. Dissociatives – 3 results
  4. Ecstasy – 24 results
  5. Opioids – 49 results
  6. Prescription – 101 results
  7. Steroids – 0 results
  8. Stimulants – 65 results
  9. Tobacco – 0 results
  10. Weight Loss – 40 results
  11. Other – 0 results
  12. Paraphernalia – 0 results
  13. Psychedelics – 6 results

Top 15 Products/Services

The following list shows the products and services with the most results on Empire.

  1. Benzos (Drugs & Chemicals)
  2. Legit Software (Digital Products)
  3. Prescription (Drugs & Chemicals)
  4. Cannabis (Drugs & Chemicals)
  5. Social Engineering (Guides & Tutorials)
  6. Stimulants (Drugs & Chemicals)
  7. Fraud (Guides & Tutorials)
  8. Opioids (Drugs & Chemicals)
  9. Fake IDs (Counterfeit Items)
  10. Weight Loss (Drugs & Chemicals)
  11. Ecstasy (Drugs & Chemicals)
  12. Hacking (Guides & Tutorials)
  13. Drugs (Guides & Tutorials)
  14. Psychedelics (Drugs & Chemicals)
  15. Security Software (Software & Malware)

Vendors on Empire

As we already know, Empire Market is based off of AlphaBay. Because this market has just launched, only a few vendors are actually working currently due to the fact a lot of the dark web users are not familiar with the market yet.

Most of the vendors are already vendors on other bigger markets such Dream Market or Wall Street Market.

For now, read the vendors’ descriptions, get informed as much as possible about the product you want to purchase, join the forum or contact the vendor, then make an assumption whether you should order or not.

If something seems sketchy or suspicious, then it probably is. Here, we advise you to be smart about following the security steps above in this guide.

Vendor Account

Anyone can become a vendor in this new marketplace. However, before requesting to be a vendor, several factors are put in place to ensure that the buyer is protected.

But before anything else, one has to pay a $100 (USD) vendor fee which is refundable upon closure of the account. However, if the person was a vendor in some other top market and they have the necessary proof, they can be admitted without the fee.

Among measures taken to protect buyers is the non-use of Finalize Early (FE) unless it is with permission from the site admins. This protocol is primarily meant to reduce fraud in which the buyer pays for something and ends up not getting value for their money.

In the event the site admins end up getting a large volume of complaints from the customers about a specific seller, then it is without a doubt that the vendor account will be terminated, losing the $100 refundable fee.

Further, sellers must ensure they use PGP and 2FA. It is not a choice but rather a must-have. Buyers can stay without the two.

Other things to note is that explicit content involving children, prostitution and hitmen services is not allowed. And any threats from a vendor or buyer will result in the termination of individual accounts.

Referral Program

To get more clients, Empire Market has introduced an affiliate program where one can refer others. Whenever the person who joined through a link makes a purchase, then the person who referred them gets to earn 20 percent of the profits.


Based on the issue they’re confronting, a user can reach out to the support department by opening a ticket. Depending on how they gauge the problem, they can mark its priority as low, moderate or high. One thing to note is that the pin and mnemonic may be required when opening a ticket.

Click on the last button on the main bar menu named ‘Support.’

Proceed to create a ticket.


To be involved in the forums on Empire, you have to own an account in the first place. To join a forum, click on the ‘Forums’ button on the main menu bar and proceed towards joining the community of Empire Market.

The forums are open to any member of this market. Depending on the category one is involved in, there is an appropriate section to post.

Most of the time, the forums are very useful. You can engage with other users and vendors, share thoughts and experiences, warn each other about potential issues, etc.


Though Empire Market is relatively new, the market is growing. The site’s admins are working on it tirelessly, making it the best version possible.

However, don’t ever forget that sometimes it is not up to the admins to protect you from being hacked or tracked. The dark web is full of fraudsters and hackers, so don’t expect to make friends there. Be cautious and save yourself from troubles.

If you think about taking an extra step to secure yourself, then totally go for it. Create new nicknames or aliases, birthdays, combinations of numbers un-relatable to you, and enter a different city or even continent that’s far away from your actual location.

Don’t reveal anything real about yourself. If you do, it will cost you.

It is up to you to follow each step carefully. And remember: Always keep your VPN running whenever you use the Tor Browser and enter the dark web.


Empire Market FAQ

We hope this guide was helpful. Stay safe and have fun!

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